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Mycket på gång på natthimlen i december: Kraftig ljudsignal under vattnet fortfarande oförklarad, orsakad av okänt jättedjur? Ny teknik gör det möjligt att skapa röster i människors huvuden som levererar reklambudskap: Afterward, users have reported trouble focusing their attention. Such as the Graf Zeppelin which went around the world in in four hops, starting from the US, touching down in Germany, then in Japan, and then in California.

If I had the choice of being waterboarded by a third party or having my fingers smashed one at a time by a sledgehammer, I'd take the fingers, no question.

One woman claims there's a link to werewolves. Speedball 2 till xbox släpps idag. In Vancouver, a similar thing happened during the last week of August. Tom Cruise ute på nya eskapader: Everything that supposedly happened during those years was either a misunderstanding, an event from a different era, or an outright lie - Charlemagne, for instance, is a fictional figure. Today, in Austria, there is an annual Krampus festival which draws hundreds of people, who parade through the streets of Schladming, dressed in goat hair costumes with carved masks, striking onlookers with bundles of sticks.


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